Welcome to Karnataka Education Welfare & Cultural Society

The society has been established during the year 2009-10. A group of dynamic and young enthusiastic members were decided under the guidance of supreme master Ushaq Mohammed during the meeting to involve themselves in the social & cultural activities in slum area.


In order to promote activities of the society first of all it is decided to open a School for the children in Gousia Town where people are living slum area, and parents of this locality are not sending their childrens to primary School. The members of the society able to posess of  hiring a building on monthly rent basis at a cost of Rs. 7500/- P.M. which is now being paid by contribution of the society members and also in arranging salary to the teaching staff. Now the Shool classes are being conducted from first Std. to IV Std. The fund collected from the members is felt very short to run the School. It is therefore is decided by the Society to raise the fund from the Donors, who are willing to contribute whole heartedly.

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